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Can SlideShare make PowerPoint sharing interesting?

A group of investors thinks so. The San Francisco start-up lands a $3 million investment from Venrock, Broadcast.com founder Mark Cuban and Friendster founder Jonathan Abrams.

By May 7, 2008


Nest raises $80 million for thermostat business -- report

The company's funding has been led by Google Ventures and is based on an $800 million valuation.

By January 30, 2013


Techies tell Congress high music royalties hurt artists

Representatives from Pandora and venture capital company note there isn't a single profitable digital music service and they blame high royalties.

By November 28, 2012


Don't worry, get Happier? This social network aims for the sunny side

The happiness-focused social network hopes to reorient the facets of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that some say most foster loneliness and envy. Can it succeed?

By July 26, 2013


Waste heat-powered thermoelectrics find investors

Phononic Devices and Alphabet Energy attract investment from VCs and the military for semiconductors that efficiently convert waste heat into electricity.

By February 24, 2011


Wary green-tech venture investors shift gears

Applying the venture capital model of IT onto energy isn't working, which is something many clean-tech venture capitalists will learn the hard way, say experts.

By November 13, 2009


Event: Top 10 Start-up Mistakes, October 16, 2008

Come listen to me blather on about mistakes start-ups make. Trust that I am an expert.

By October 12, 2008


An engine that runs on any fuel? VCs plunk money into the concept

Transonic has an injection system that can accomodate any fuel. Now they want to build an engine.

By May 22, 2007


BlogHer nabs iVillage deal, NBC investment

The deal is a coup for BlogHer because it will give the company the chance to promote content from its network's 2,200 blogs across a range of NBC Web sites, including Oxygen.com and BravoTV.com.

By July 16, 2008


Nuclear fusion firm draws $40 million from VCs

Fusion. It's still alive, and it's drawing money.

By May 21, 2007