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Nissan recalls over 3 million US vehicles for airbag issues

This airbag recall has nothing to do with the Takata recall, but it's no less troublesome.

By April 30, 2016


Your newest Italian police vehicle is the Alfa Romeo Giulia QV (pictures)

Taking residence with the Italian Carabinieri, this 503-horsepower sedan should be more than powerful enough for police work.

23 Images By May 6, 2016


Ford recalls nearly 300,000 vehicles for five separate issues

Usually, these things are spaced out a bit.

By April 27, 2016


Volvo to electrify its entire fleet, will release battery-electric vehicle in 2019

It's all part of Volvo's master plan to sell one million electrified cars by 2025.

By April 21, 2016


Here's what it takes to turn a pickup into a police vehicle

Ford's F-150 Special Service Vehicle is more than just a light-duty truck with a big ol' "Police" badge on the side.

By April 19, 2016


Beverly Hills votes to create autonomous-vehicle program

Now, struggling artists won't need to take the bus to buy a $9 organic coffee.

By April 18, 2016


Volvo wants to put civilians in autonomous vehicles on public Chinese roads

That's one way to show that you have faith in the technology coming from your company.

By April 6, 2016


Reports suggest Dyson is designing an electric car

Premium vacuum maker Dyson is reportedly expanding its scope to include electric vehicles.

By March 24, 2016


This is Scion's last new vehicle ever

The brand will have its last hurrah at the New York Auto Show, complete with old concepts, projects and -- of course -- free swag.

By March 16, 2016


Top 5: Best-selling electric vehicles of 2015

Brian Cooley ranks the top five best-selling EVs of 2015.

By March 1, 2016