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Strange 'double blob' atop Martian atmosphere puzzles scientists

Long fingerlike tendrils poked out from the part of the Red Planet known as the "Martian limb" and astronomers are scratching their heads over the cause.

By February 17, 2015


Winklevii buy Galactic tickets with bitcoin (because pioneers!)

No self-respecting entrepreneur of the future uses cash, checks, or barter -- especially when buying tickets to outer space.

By March 5, 2014


Scientists claim world's oldest creature (shame they killed it finding out)

The Ming clam was thought to be 405 years old. Now Welsh scientists know it was 507 years old. Sadly, their probing it for its age killed it.

By November 14, 2013


DigiNotar files for bankruptcy

Stung by a cyberattack that caused it to issue fake online security certificates for hundreds of companies, the Dutch certificate authority is closing for business.

By September 21, 2011


Fraudulent Google certificate points to Internet attack

Is Iran behind a fraudulent Google.com digital certificate? The situation is similar to one that happened in March in which spoofed certificates were traced back to Iran.

By August 29, 2011


Private equity firm acquires Hasselblad

The storied medium-format camera maker is in new hands as Ventizz Capital Partners acquires it. The private equity firm plans to invest capital for growth.

By June 30, 2011


Shipping faces turbulent ride on carbon-cutting quest

Wind, used to power ships since time immemorial, could make a comeback as some entrepreneurs look to reduce carbon emissions and costs in the shipping industry.

By May 18, 2010


Episode 624: I can has monopoly?

We were just innocently chatting along when we identified the fact that our current economic order essentially mandates monopolies to fix our excessive government interference in free-market forces. Weird.

By December 14, 2007


Episode 623: Mouse ambush on a cat

While Facebook opens up, and Opera starts suing, Mice have become genetically fearless.

By December 13, 2007


PayPal to offer password key fobs to users

Passwords generated for one-time use are designed to increase security for PayPal and its account holders.

By January 11, 2007