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Vancouver to give spectators a better flame view

VanOC plans to move some of the current fencing around the Olympic cauldron and add a rooftop observation point providing an unobstructed view.

By February 17, 2010


Tech makes Olympic-size jump in Vancouver

roundup At what some have dubbed the first Twitter Games, CNET looks at the many ways tech is changing the world's largest sporting event.

By February 28, 2010


The Olympics run on Windows (XP)

The many Acer computers that dot the Olympic venues are running Windows, but it's the venerable Windows XP rather than one of Microsoft's newer operating systems.

By February 25, 2010


Olympic notebook: The glitchy Games

A cauldron controversy, torch issue, ice-resurfacing problems and weather-related ticket cancellations have the Vancouver Games off to a rough start.

By February 17, 2010


Olympic notebook: A fresh look at the medal table

Although the U.S. tops the traditional medal charts right now, one company has an app that shows Norway on top, adjusting for factors like a country's population or GDP.

By February 16, 2010


Olympics notebook: Interview with a Games junkie

Norman Tu is a self-described Olympics addict, attending at his seventh games. But, he says, that's the perk of owning his own company.

By February 15, 2010


Wiring the Vancouver Olympics

Powering the Winter Games requires more than 5,000 kilometers of cabling, 6,000 computers, and a willingness to break with tradition.

By February 10, 2010


Olympic snow still in short supply at Cypress

Olympic organizers have now shortened training, stepped up trucking of snow, and even turned to adding dry ice to the mix to make sure the venue is ready for the start of the Games.

By February 9, 2010


Olympics and tech: 'No room to fail' (Q&A)

The Winter Games in Vancouver, which kick off Friday, rely on thousands of servers and PCs to manage everything from scores to travel plans. Magnus Alvarsson has to make sure everything is working.

By February 8, 2010


At Vancouver Olympics, straw battles sun, rain

With the Winter Games taking place so close to sea level, event organizers at Cypress Mountain are using bales of straw to lessen the amount of snow they need.

By January 29, 2010