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O2 network down in London and South East after another break-in

The O2 network is down in parts of London and the South East after thieves done some crime in East London.

By May 17, 2011


Nintendo 3DS disembowelled, reveals 128MB RAM

What's inside the Nintendo 3DS? There's only one way to find out: fetch the tools and tear it open!

By April 5, 2011


Report: NSA joins Nasdaq hack probe

The top U.S. electronic intelligence agency will focus on the source and severity of the intrusion into the computer network of the company that runs the tech-heavy stock exchange, Bloomberg reports.

By March 30, 2011


Report: Hackers penetrated Nasdaq computers

The Secret Service and FBI are probing repeated intrusions into the computer network that runs the stock exchange, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

By February 4, 2011


Blogging underground secrets into the light

The Internet absolutely can't keep a secret. Here's the story, and the controversy, behind the outing of a long-hidden subway station in New York and the secret art exhibit within.

By November 8, 2010


AT&T increases bounty on fiber vandals to $250K

Company is offering a reward of $250,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals involved in cutting its fiber-optic cables in Silicon Valley.

By April 10, 2009


Vandals blamed for phone and Internet outage

Police say vandals cut fiber-optic cables in the heart of the Valley early Thursday, disrupting phone and broadband service for thousands of customers.

By April 9, 2009


Oregon bike lane gets Mario Kart treatment

Pranksters graffiti a bike lane in Portland to look like a Mario Kart track--and it's awesome.

By August 25, 2010


How online research can make the grade

As schools gear up to start a new academic year, the intersection of online media and the education industry is more complicated than ever--even the once-verboten Wikipedia is on the table.

By August 16, 2010


Baidu hacking lawsuit allowed to proceed

U.S. district judge says China's leading Internet search company has a "plausible" case related to a hacking that disabled the company's site for hours.

By July 22, 2010