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Google Maps adds 17K routes to UK public transport data

The tech giant amps up transportation data from England, Wales, Scotland, Vancouver, Chicago, and major cities in Brazil.

By May 13, 2014


Google fixes 7 Chrome security holes just before CanSecWest

The day before two annual Google-sponsored hacking contests kick off at a security conference in Vancouver, Google tidies up some of Chrome's loose ends.

By March 12, 2014


Tesla tours West Coast to celebrate Supercharger network

Two Tesla Model Ses are driving from San Diego to Vancouver to celebrate the completion of the network of DC fast chargers up the West Coast.

By October 31, 2013


Canada to get world's first Bitcoin ATM next week

A Vancouver coffee shop will see the first of five ATMs expected in major Canadian cities.

By October 26, 2013


Recon's Google Glass lookalikes open for preorders at $500

The Vancouver company is starting to take preorders for its Jet glasses. They're aimed at athletes, who can track their performance by way of a wirelessly connected heads-up display.

By June 26, 2013


Web roots out Vancouver riot's kissing couple

The minute a strange and wonderful image of a couple kissing in the road during the Vancouver riots emerged on the Web, everyone wanted to know who they were. Their identity seems to have emerged first on Facebook.

By June 18, 2011


Samsung opens its first North American store

In Metro Vancouver, Samsung opened its first North American retail store.

By July 11, 2012


Hotel replacing guest phones with iPhones

Vancouver hotel hopes guests will appreciate making calls with no roaming fees on hotel-provided iPhones instead of those things called landlines.

By July 6, 2012


City Council paper usage down 40 percent after switch to iPads

The City Council of Vancouver, Wash., reports that in the two months following a switch to iPads, paper usage is down by nearly 40 percent.

By March 5, 2012


Crave readers' Instagram creations, part 3

In today's installment of our ongoing series on readers' top Instagram shots, we visit New York, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, and Vancouver, Wash.

By December 14, 2011