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ZTE Valet (Tracfone)

Equipped with a 3.5-inch screen, 3G capabilities, and a 3-megapixel camera, the Valet is a bare bones smartphone from ZTE.

By January 24, 2014


Cisco Valet Plus

Look no further than the Cisco Valet Plus if you want to get a robust wireless home network up and running effortlessly.

By April 8, 2010

4 stars Editors' rating April 8, 2010

Luxe valet driver involved in fatal accident

The on-demand valet parking service says it's the first fatality involving one of its drivers since it started in October 2014. The accident comes weeks after the San Francisco company secures $50 million in financing.

By May 9, 2016


Volkswagen's Trained Parking is a robotic valet for your home

Volkswagen's next evolution toward the self-driving car only goes as far as the end of your driveway.

By January 8, 2015


Genesis will have one of the best luxury-car warranties at launch

Hyundai's luxury offshoot is adding as many tangential benefits as possible to pull attention away from the more traditional brands.

By July 22, 2016


Open software promises speedy self-driving car development

Hoping to create a standard software architecture for self-driving vehicle development, Elektrobit releases Robinos, giving engineers a software framework to integrate sensor and control systems.

By June 29, 2016


MyHyundai to bring brand-specific features to Android Auto

The app gives drivers access to information like vehicle health reports, local service centers and roadside assistance without having to use a phone or leave Android Auto.

By May 18, 2016


eBay drop-off locations coming to 1,600 FedEx Office stores

The new partnership could hint at a tighter relationship between eBay and FedEx aimed at keeping Amazon in check.

By May 10, 2016


​Skip the yard sale and hawk your stuff online

Does the thought of having a yard sale give you a headache? Here are some easy online alternatives.

By May 12, 2016


eBay boosts its big-data brain with Expertmaker buy

Expertmaker's AI and machine-learning software could help eBay organize its 900 million listings.

By May 5, 2016