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Darth Vader, blogger

By April 22, 2005


Crave Talk: Is iTunes right for movies?

Steve Jobs is hoping to persuade Hollywood execs to let Apple sell movies for a flat price, but is that what consumers really want?

By June 21, 2006


Fun apps for your Mac

A collection of quirky and fun Mac apps that have caught our eye over the past few months, such as software to turn your MacBook into a virtual lightsaber and a package that allows you to change your desktop environment by smacking your Mac.

By May 29, 2006


LG Chocolate: The yummiest mobile

Is that a slab of Dairy Milk in your pocket, or are you just toting a new phone? LG's new handset promises all the taste of chocolate, without any of the nasty calories.

By March 21, 2006


We will be good: New Year's resolutions for gadget makers

Admittedly slightly the worse for wear after an entertaining Christmas, Crave is grumpy and in the mood for criticism -- and we've got gadget makers in our sights. Well, they had it coming

By January 3, 2006


Incoming: Kenwood Supreme

Tired of MP3 players with white shiny bodies and intuitive user interfaces? Long for something that's more Darth Vader than Snow White? Meet Kenwood's latest entry into the unforgiving battle arena of MP3 players

By December 16, 2005


Google's videos of the day

By November 24, 2005