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UltraDock V4

UltraDock V4 is a Swiss Army knife for hard-drive docking. It's a very convenient tool for savvy computer users.

Jul. 28, 2008


Digg v4 hands-on: A better Digg, but is it enough?

We take a look at the new Digg, which is currently in private alpha testing, to show you what's new and what's changed from the current version.

By Jul. 6, 2010


WiebeTech's Forensic UltraDock V4: When drive docking gets serious

New drivedock device from WeibeTech that brings drive docking to a new high

By Jul. 16, 2008


DriveDock V4: The Swiss Army knife for hard-drive docking

A device that connects any consumer level hard drive to a PC via USB2.0 connection.

By Jan. 22, 2008


Intel reportedly eyes future 18-core 'Broadwell' chip

What kind of high-performance silicon is Intel planning in the not-too-distant future? A site that covers chips says that future includes an 18-core processor.

By Dec. 18, 2013

Editors' Take

Hisense Pulse Pro

The Hisense Pulse Pro runs "Android TV" software and sports a refreshed user interface and an impressive remote.

By Jan. 9, 2014


Video app ShowYou works to make mobile couch surfing easier

As YouTube keeps trying to get more people to spend more time watching more videos, a startup's revamped iPad app may just have cracked the code for folks who like to sit back and relax with their tablet.

By Dec. 13, 2012


Pandora hits milestone with 200M users

The music streaming service is still going strong with hundreds of millions of users listening to nearly 1.5 billion hours of music per month.

By Apr. 9, 2013


Wikipedia readies new tool to improve reader feedback

The latest version of the Wikipedia's feedback tools is meant to transform metric ratings into real-time suggestions.

By Jul. 12, 2012


Meet the breathtaking Kinetic Rain sculpture

Located at Singapore's Changi airport and made up of 608 bronze droplets, the piece reshapes itself into various three-dimensional forms.

By Jul. 6, 2012