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Samsung Project Beyond camera to capture 360-degree 3D video for Gear VR headset

Designed to work with the company's Gear VR headset, the puck-shaped camera promises to deliver a new level of immersize video.

By November 12, 2014


Motorola V360 (T-Mobile)

The Motorola V360 abandons the flashy for the functional. Although the design is a step backward from the last model in the product line, it's outweighed by attractive features.

By December 7, 2005

3 stars Editors' rating December 7, 2005

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'Consumer Reports' loves the Razr

'Consumer Reports' rates its top cell phone, but we don't always agree.

By April 12, 2007


Cingular unveils the Motorola V365

The new Motorola V365 is now on sale at Cingular Wireless

By November 1, 2006


Motorola showcases follow-ons from the RAZR V3

Motorola morphs the successful RAZR V3 into a 3G phone, announces a slew of entry-level handsets, and shows off three new fashion phones and wireless accessories, including a pair of Bluetooth Oakley sunglasses.

By June 16, 2005