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Lenovo touts energy efficiency, UWB power notebook

Several Lenovo X-, T- and R-series computers qualify for Energy Star 4.0, including its new T61p notebook.

By July 9, 2007


Bluetooth 2.2 to be released in mid-2009

Bluetooth 2.2 promises a new specification called High Speed Bluetooth, that will work in conjunction with your phone's Wi-Fi/UWB capabilities for faster file transfer, video streaming, and more.

By December 4, 2008


Bluetooth, UWB groups mesh efforts

Companies supporting the wireless networking technologies will work together to increase transfer speeds and diversity of products.

By May 4, 2005


Ultrawideband partners merge

Longtime friends WiMedia and the Multiband OFDM Alliance team up, but rival UWB standards still wait in the wings.

By March 3, 2005


Ultrawideband gets new standards hearing

An international standards body will try again next week to settle on an industrywide blueprint for UWB, a wireless technology meant to rival Bluetooth.

By September 12, 2003