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Weekly Utilities Update: IP Scanner, Spanning Tools, TimeMachineEditor, more...

Time Machine is an exceptionally useful backup system, but its limitations can be frustrating to some users. While it is built to run regularly in the background and not impede on users' work, some people may wish to prevent it from running at certain

By August 21, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: atMonitor, LeopardAssist, Pacifist, more...

Leopard's system requirements call for at least an 867MHz PowerPC G4 processor. If this requirment is not met, Leopard will not install on your system. While this is Apple's way of ensuring all features of Leopard run in usable ways, it does cut out a

By August 14, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: atMonitor, Leopard Cache Cleaner, Display Maestro, more...

In order to make OS X system settings user-friendly for consumers, Apple has limited many of the settings to those that are most compatible and which users will most likely use. This is convenient; however, there are times when people may wish to have

By August 7, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: OnyX, Winclone, atMonitor, more...

Many Mac users have installed Windows to secondary partitions using Bootcamp, and in doing so can have important files on both their Mac and Windows partitions. This can make backing up rather cumbersome, especially if you are interested in being able

By July 31, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: MacDust, MainMenu, Smasher, more...

Staff Pick: Smasher

Every now and then Mac users will run into font-related problems, which include garbled text displaying when typed, improper fonts being used, or the inability to display or use a font. While Apple's Font Book utili

By July 17, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: Tidy Up!, CleanMyMac, A Better Finder Rename X, more...

Staff Pick: Checksum

We recently wrote a small article on how to run a checksum routine on files as an extra verification against file corruption or incorrect fi

By July 10, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: Main Menu, Cocktail, atMonitor, more...

Staff Pick: atMonitor

atMonitor is a all in one view of the state of your system. Once installed, it runs and collects data and statistics about your system, displaying them in colorful and customizable graphs that will display in floa

By July 3, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: WhatSize, Onyx, No Spin, more...

Staff Pick: iStat pro

When troubleshooting hardware setups and OS installations, many times you will need to know a variety of statistics about the system such as fan speed, component temperatures, battery levels, various bandwidths, a

By June 26, 2009


Weekly Utilities Update: Leopard Cache Cleaner, Spanning Tools, Webmin, more...

Staff Pick: Webmin

OS X comes with a variety of tools for setting up web sharing, handling user accounts, checking system resources, and providing other information about the system. The included utilities for these tasks are rather li

By June 19, 2009


When to run Permissions Fixes, Disk Repair, and Cache Cleaning routines

There are a variety of maintenance routines that people can run in OS X, including the disk verification and permissions repair that come with the system, along with scripts such as cache cleaners that are available in third-party utilities. These scri

By June 19, 2009