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Create a second Windows userid for backup

Create a second Windows userid for backup

By September 10, 2007


Nexus 5 preorder pops up on eBay

An enterprising eBay seller offers the much-rumored 32GB Nexus 5 for $650 even though the phone has yet to be confirmed.

By October 23, 2013


Netflix adds new plan for password sharers

Netflix's family plan allows for more simultaneous streams, applications open for a one-way ticket to Mars, and changes at Facebook and Foursquare take a page from Yelp.

By April 23, 2013


eBay to auction Einstein 'God letter' for $3 million

Written in 1954, the "God letter" expresses the renowned physicist's feelings on religion, Judaism, and the existence of a supreme being.

By October 8, 2012


With Walmart's help, HP tries a QVC-style live pitch

The computer maker takes a page out of the playbooks of home shopping networks, and live streams a product demo on Walmart's Web site.

By December 8, 2013


'Trek'-themed Acer Aspire R7 boldly goes up for auction

Finally, a Windows 8 machine that'll feel at home on other planets. As part of a "Star Trek Into Darkness" tie-in, Acer launches a limited-edition "Trek"-themed version of its ambitious Aspire R7.

By June 5, 2013


Application switcher doesn't always work

Several users have reported an issue in which the application switching keyboard command (Command-Tab) does not function as expected.

By August 8, 2008


Google is looking into rude 'English person' search result

Google seems to be aware of an unfortunate search quirk that brings up an insulting word when surfers enter the term 'define an English person'.

By December 14, 2011


Does iOS 5.1 fix battery drain? Some say yes, some say no

A review of online comments and communities finds many iOS users enjoying better battery life, though some say the problem persists.

By March 9, 2012


Defending your router, and your identity, with a password change

Changing the password in your router is a very important thing to do.

By March 8, 2008