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Odds and Ends: Microsoft Intellimouse: strange behavior with fast user switching; Power Mac G4 cooling modification

Odds and Ends: Microsoft Intellimouse: strange behavior with fast user switching; Power Mac G4 cooling modification

By June 11, 2004


Apache Web software overrides IE10 do-not-track setting

Microsoft's new browser is set by default to tell advertisers not to track user behavior on the Web, but Apache's Web server has become a new obstacle to that Microsoft approach.

By September 7, 2012


Ad networks said to be going around Apple to track iOS users

According to a new report, mobile ad networks are able to track user behavior on iOS through the Open Device Identification Number (ODIN) to more effectively target ads.

By June 5, 2012


Conficker demonstrates complexity of IT security

The Conficker worm is more than just an exploit of a flaw in Microsoft software. It's a lesson that technology, processes, and user behavior need to improve.

By March 30, 2009


Senators take another stab at shielding kids online

New effort lacks some of the more aggressive requirements Congress has previously considered, such as blocking social-networking sites and compelling ISPs to record user behavior.

By August 3, 2007


Tech that nags drivers: It's about safety (and GDP)

In an interview with CNET, Seeing Machines CEO Ken Kroeger says data collected by his company's eye- and head-tracking tech, which is reportedly being put in GM cars, is only for the driver (currently).

By September 15, 2014


Supreme Court to weigh in on violent threats on Facebook

Should it be considered a crime or free speech when a person threatens to kill someone on social media?

By June 16, 2014


Your keyboard might know what you're feeling

If you're happy and you know it, your keystrokes will surely show it, say researchers who've developed a program that can recognize users' emotions with a high level of accuracy.

By August 21, 2014


Developer program makes Nest a focal point for the smart home

Nest's Developer Program puts Mercedes, Whirlpool, and other third party developers in touch with your smart thermostat.

By June 23, 2014


How to manually change the scroll direction in Mavericks

Third party drivers and mouse hardware may hide the setting to revert Apple's reversed "Natural" scroll direction setting in OS X.

By January 30, 2014