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Firefox will fight back against intrusive advertisers

The new version of Firefox paves the way for faster, safer browsing and strips websites of ad technology used to follow user behavior.

By October 21, 2015


Apache Web software overrides IE10 do-not-track setting

Microsoft's new browser is set by default to tell advertisers not to track user behavior on the Web, but Apache's Web server has become a new obstacle to that Microsoft approach.

By September 7, 2012


Ad networks said to be going around Apple to track iOS users

According to a new report, mobile ad networks are able to track user behavior on iOS through the Open Device Identification Number (ODIN) to more effectively target ads.

By June 5, 2012


Conficker demonstrates complexity of IT security

The Conficker worm is more than just an exploit of a flaw in Microsoft software. It's a lesson that technology, processes, and user behavior need to improve.

By March 30, 2009


Senators take another stab at shielding kids online

New effort lacks some of the more aggressive requirements Congress has previously considered, such as blocking social-networking sites and compelling ISPs to record user behavior.

By August 3, 2007


WebSideStory launches latest site search software

Active Ranking technology integrates user behavior patterns with Web site search results.

By April 23, 2006


Start-ups target Net services, talent shortages

Start-ups are scrambling to take advantage of the Internet when helping customers to find talent, link sales and marketing departments, and track user behavior on Web sites.

By December 14, 1999