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Most drive-by malware comes from China, Google says

Google analyzes Web sites in its index and finds that most of the sites that have malware are in China, according to a presentation at the Usenix security conference.

By July 30, 2008


Calif. official votes for optical scans, hand tallies

Secretary of State tells attendees at Usenix security conference that optical scanning of paper ballots combined with hand tallies is more accurate and secure than an e-voting system that uses paper trails.

By July 30, 2008


iPaq heats up with Inferno

Inferno, an operating system originally developed by Bell Labs for devices such as set-top boxes and telephones, has been adapted to Compaq's iPaq handheld computer. The adapted operating system--which can also be run as an application on Windows, Linux and Solaris--is being demonstrated at this week's Usenix Annual Technical Conference 2001 in Boston. The adapted OS includes wireless networking, a Web browser with HTML 3.2 and JavaScript 1.1, running on less than 3MB of flash memory. Inferno is distributed by Vita Nuova Holdings, based in York, England, which distributes the Plan 9 OS, also developed by Bell Labs. Vita Nuova said the adapted version will be available next month. Inferno is not distributed under an open-source license, but its source code is readily available and can be modified. Staff writer Matthew Broersma reported from England.

By June 28, 2001