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Usenet under fire from copyright holders

The "under-the-radar" file-sharing system has been dragged into the spotlight by DMCA takedowns.

By November 11, 2012


Usenet.com ruling, a 'whittling down' of Betamax defense

Judge's ruling against Usenet.com, its lawyer says, undercuts classic immunity against liability in copyright cases. The RIAA disagrees.

By July 1, 2009


RIAA triumphs in Usenet copyright case

In a note posted on its site, music trade group for top music labels says court ruled in its favor.

By June 30, 2009


Comcast, NetZero latest providers to bow to Cuomo's Usenet campaign

After New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's threat of legal action, Comcast has agreed to curtail Usenet access. It's still not clear what, if any, newsgroups will be removed.

By July 30, 2008


Cuomo strong-arms Comcast over Usenet

New York's attorney general finds a novel way to shake down law-abiding broadband companies: accuse them of harboring child pornography and threaten to prosecute them.

By July 22, 2008


N.Y. AG says AOL will curb access to Usenet. It already did

Andrew Cuomo says the Time Warner unit will delete child porn when notified (it already does) and remove sexually explicit Usenet newsgroups (AOL stopped offering Usenet in 2005).

By July 10, 2008


Verizon offers details of Usenet deletion: alt.* groups, others gone

N.Y. state attorney general says he found child porn on 88 Usenet newsgroups. As a result, Verizon is deleting tens of thousands of them.

By June 12, 2008


ISPs: We're limiting our own Usenet groups, not blocking others

New York state attorney general said he successfully pressured ISPs to limit the Usenet newsgroups they would offer. That doesn't mean they're blocking access to third-party services.

By June 12, 2008


N.Y. attorney general forces ISPs to curb Usenet access

Time Warner Cable pulls the plug on all newsgroups after Andrew Cuomo's office finds child porn on 88 of them. Verizon Communications and Sprint plan to limit Usenet too.

By June 10, 2008


RIAA tries to pull plug on Usenet. Seriously.

The Recording Industry Association of America chooses a new target: Usenet. RIAA attorneys claim binary newsgroups are rife with copyright infringement--and they may even win.

By October 16, 2007