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USDA awards $44.6 million for biofuel projects

Projects funded include those utilizing ethanol, biodiesel, and landfill gas made from a variety of renewable biomass resources.

By November 2, 2011


Google says it was cut off from USDA project bid

With Microsoft winning a USDA cloud computing project, Google claims it was denied the opportunity to bid for the agency's business.

By December 9, 2010


USDA making the move to Microsoft

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is the latest government organization to move the cloud, and has picked Microsoft for the task. The deal covers 120,000 employees.

By December 8, 2010


Office users beware

Three security issues puts Office users at risk, we talk to Symantec. Also, USDA and FTC breaches and update trouble for Zone Labs and Microsoft users.\r\n

November 1, 2007


City of San Francisco's e-mail heads to Microsoft cloud

The city will use Microsoft's cloud system for its 23,000 employees, to reduce IT costs and create a robust disaster response system.

By May 18, 2011


Biodiesel to take up 10% of US soy crop this year

Soy, for the breakfast table and the car

By August 2, 2007


Meraki scores government funds for Wi-Fi clouds

Wireless network provider Meraki taps into federal stimulus funds to bring broadband wireless to the masses.

By July 28, 2009


Google gets halt of Microsoft contract with Interior Dept.

Judge says there were deficiencies in the procurement process that led to U.S. government agency preparing to grant $49.3 million contract to Microsoft for e-mail system.

By January 5, 2011


AmazonFresh vs. supermarket: A hands-on shopping test

CNET's Sharon Vaknin has long hungered to shop for groceries online, and now that AmazonFresh has arrived in San Francisco, she finally can. But how does the experience stack up to a regular supermarket?

By December 17, 2013


GPS headsets make sure the cows come home

"Helmet" holds electronics device containing sound-transmitting earphones and a GPS device to monitor the animals' whereabouts.

By August 6, 2008