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Y Combinator for the world? How USAID lab plans to fight poverty

The goal of the U.S. Global Development Lab is nothing short of harnessing innovation to eliminate extreme poverty by 2030. Crave's Eric Mack asks USAID about the ambitious plan it likens to DARPA.

By April 3, 2014


Game-changing $5 chemistry set inspired by music box

A Stanford researcher reinvents the chemistry set completely in the form of an inexpensive gizmo modeled after a hand-crank music box.

By April 10, 2014


Secret US-made 'Cuban Twitter' to go under government microscope

The social-media platform was designed to attract young Cubans and get them to rebel against the country's communist government.

By April 4, 2014


Cisco to open tech training academies in Myanmar

After joining Google, HP, Intel, and Microsoft in a delegation to the Southeast Asian country, Cisco pledges to set up training centers to help teach locals tech skills.

By March 7, 2013


How to avoid disaster-related Internet scams

Officials warn of scams in the wake of the disasters in Japan. Here's how to avoid them.

By March 17, 2011


Rainmaker wins $100,000 Lemelson-MIT award

Nonprofit venture capitalist BP Agrawal wins humanitarian award for rain-harvesting system, health kiosks.

By April 28, 2010


Bill Gates kicks off college tour

Speaking at the University of California at Berkeley, the philanthropist and Microsoft chairman encourages students to get involved in society's big issues.

By April 19, 2010


How the U.S. funds open source abroad

The United States may buy a lot of proprietary software, but when it comes to international development, it's betting on open source.

By October 13, 2009