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Comcast may impose data caps on all customers within 5 years

Executive VP for the cable giant predicts move to a usage-based billing model, with a data cap of maybe 500GB.

By May 14, 2014


ItsOn gets its funding on, targets mobile data 'bill shock'

The startup raises $15.5 million in a Series B round of funding for an idea that would let users determine their own data needs.

By October 30, 2012


Got big power bills? Blame dumb electronics

Household electronics need to be designed to operate like battery-saving mobile devices to keep a lid on climbing energy use from the growing number of connected gadgets in the home.

By May 3, 2012


How Steve Jobs reshaped the tech industry

The brilliant, irascible impresario championed the transition from minicomputers and beige IBM boxes to the Macintosh, the iPhone, and the concept that technology should be fun to use.

By October 5, 2011


FCC to present 'bill shock' rules

New rules would require subscribers be alerted when they are about to exceed limits or incur international and roaming charges not covered by monthly plans.

By October 13, 2010


Ask Maggie: On wireless data roaming; gauging usage; and venting about billing

CNET's Maggie Reardon answers questions about wireless broadband services, including why usage-based data billing may not be a bad thing for all consumers.

By August 6, 2010


How to avoid pricey data roaming bills

When travelling overseas, phone bills can get expensive quite quickly. This is not only due to international call rates, but also to data roaming, which smartphones are now becoming reliant on. Here's how to avoid being slugged a whopping bill on your return from travelling.

By November 3, 2011


Avoid a sky-high bill by tracking your Verizon data use

Verizon gives current and potential customers plenty of tools to monitor data usage. Unfortunately not one them dulls the pain that comes with overage charges.

By July 7, 2011


Windows at 25: A tech king with growing competition

As Microsoft's Windows turns 25 this weekend, CNET looks back at how it got there and some of the challenge it now faces, despite being the top dog.

By November 19, 2010


Clean-energy miracles: Myth or viable strategy?

A debate is growing between techno-optimists who argue for a sharp increase in clean-energy research to pursue breakthroughs and those who say we should push harder on existing green technologies.

By September 24, 2010