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Five usability tips for Microsoft's Surface RT

The original Surface combines the touch screen of a tablet and the hardware keyboard of a laptop PC, as well as old and new versions of Windows. Overcoming the inherent compromises of the hybrid design requires a few simple tweaks.

By Feb. 12, 2013


Insteon LED Bulb

At just $29.99 per bulb, this automatable light source will fit nicely into existing home automation networks, serving as an appealing alternative to more expensive dimmer modules and smart switches.

By Sep. 17, 2013

3.5 stars Editor's rating Sep. 17, 2013

Get to know iOS 7's four best usability features

Customize the lock screen, close apps quickly, swipe to access e-mail options, and make text easier to read.

By Nov. 7, 2013


A good-looking streaming-audio app hampered by usability issues (pictures)

Radical.FM wants to be your new streaming-audio app, but at this point, it's going to need some more work before I'd recommend using it instead of popular apps like Pandora or Slacker Radio.

5 Images By Aug. 23, 2013


Design guru Nielsen: Windows 8 UI 'smothers usability'

Jakob Nielsen says that Microsoft's new operating system is plagued by "hidden features [and] reduced discoverability," among other issues.

By Nov. 19, 2012


Does the Kindle Fire have serious usability issues?

A very small survey of Kindle Fire users finds some significant challenges for Amazon's tablet. Most problems stem from its 7-inch screen.

By Dec. 6, 2011


Android beats iPhone in app usability study

How does Apple iOS stack up against Google Android in terms of the usability of their apps? Most people have decided on their favourite, but what does the science say?

By May. 17, 2011


Google conducting Netbook usability study

Future Google applications might have Netbooks in mind following the results of a usability study to be conducted next week in the Bay Area.

By May. 8, 2009


Open source: The new usability testing

Open source offers a great way to de-risk IT purchasing decisions by putting real experience in the hands of the CIO.

By Sep. 25, 2008


Usability, a question of (open source) leadership

Open source has a chance to beat Microsoft and the proprietary world at the usability game, but today it is not. What needs to change to make that a reality.

By Mar. 25, 2008