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What it's like inside Xiaomi, China's popular upstart phone-maker (pictures)

Xiaomi's Beijing headquarters looks like a typical Silicon Valley office, filled with toys and hip seating. There's even an office dog. I toured two nearby offices and the Xiaomi store in the mall attached to one office.

28 Images By April 23, 2016


An inside look at digital photography upstart InVisage (pictures)

The Silicon Valley startup hopes to improve the quality of smartphone photos, and eventually those taken with standalone cameras too. Here's a look at the company's technology.

6 Images By November 10, 2015


​Smartphone upstart OnePlus vies for Apple's cachet, and profits, too

It won't be easy to reproduce Apple's cultural influence and loyal fan base, but the Chinese phone maker is going to try, says co-founder Carl Pei.

By November 5, 2015


Smartphone upstart Xiaomi could get into laptop game, with Samsung's help

The China-based smartphone powerhouse reportedly has plans to serve up a competitor to the likes of Apple's Macbook Air.

By September 2, 2015


Upstart Hisense challenges picture quality stalwarts with cheaper ULED TV

The Chinese company's newest television has the specifications to compete against the best OLED and LED LCD TVs, for a lot less money.

By August 26, 2015


Upstart Russian browser strips down to take on Google

Taking on the tech industry's biggest companies might seem a fool's errand, but Russia's Yandex has reason to think its Web browser has a chance challenging Chrome.

By May 21, 2015


Snapchat to show Olympics highlights in deal with NBC

The ephemeral-messaging app, now a popular hub for off-the-cuff, rapid-fire video, partners with the network to show highlights and behind-the-scenes footage of the Summer Games.

By April 29, 2016


Rivals: BMW M3 vs. Mercedes-AMG C63 vs. Cadillac ATS-V

Can Cadillac's upstart ATS-V really challenge BMW's legendary M3 and Mercedes-AMG's thunderous C63 for sport-sedan supremacy?

By January 21, 2016


Get an even better free phone plan from RingPlus

From the Cheapskate: The upstart carrier raises the stakes yet again with 1,800 minutes and messages, plus 1.8GB of data. Free. For real.

By January 6, 2016


What is OnePlus?

As the OnePlus X becomes official, here's CNET's primer on this upstart Chinese phone-maker, which sells its products via an unusual invite system.

By October 29, 2015