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Australia begins test of Wi-Fi via TV antenna

The Ngara system transmits wireless broadband to households via TV antennas. The uplink test was a success, but getting data downloaded remains a work in progress.

By December 17, 2010


U.S. Robotics ships router device

U.S. Robotics on Tuesday began shipping a new router device that will allow up to four computers to share a broadband Internet connection. U.S. Robotics' Broadband Router allows up to four PCs or Macintosh machines to share a single DSL (digital subscriber line) or cable modem connection. The router also allows the computers to share files, share a printer and participate in multiplayer games. It includes a firewall to block unwanted incoming network traffic and an analog modem for backup Internet access. An additional 10/100 uplink Ethernet port allows connection to an Ethernet hub. Ethernet hubs can be used to allow up to 249 more computers to share the connection, the company said. The router, available now, will cost about $150 in stores.

By April 24, 2001


Short Take: EMusic, IUMA integrate, launch redesign

The Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA), a veteran music site that lets unsigned bands promote and sell their music online, has completed its integration with EMusic.com and has launched a redesigned site. IUMA's new site features a search interface for finding music and information about emerging artists, as well as the recently debuted Artist Uplink, which allows artists to upload biographies, photos, tour dates, images, artwork, songs, and lyrics.

September 15, 1999


Short Take: Alteon rolls out new gigabit-speed gear

Start-up Alteon Networks has continued its rollout of gigabit-speed networking gear designed to relieve bottlenecks between servers and networks. The new ACEswitch 180 combines eight auto-sensing 10/100-mbps Ethernet ports with a corresponding number of 1,000-mbps connectors, plus a gigabit uplink. Software included with the switch also provides load balancing and cache redirection features. The 180 is available immediately for $14,995.

February 9, 1998


Short Take: Alteon offers Gigabit Ethernet gear

Alteon Networks--one of the first companies to offer gear based on emerging Gigabit Ethernet Alliance specs--announces a prestandard set of Gigabit Ethernet server-adapter card sets and switches. Its AceNIC card set, priced at $1,495, supports PCI and SBus systems, while the AceSwitch 110 and 160 offer Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet speeds for servers. The 110, priced at $8,995, offers eight 100-mbps ports with a Gigabit Ethernet uplink and will be available next month. The 160, available in June, includes six gigabit ports and two 100-mbps ports.

By February 19, 1997


Short: UB Networks to license MAC technology

UB Networks is one of several vendors angling to meet the demand for Gigabit Ethernet products by partnering with a start-up. UB will license Packet Engines Media Access Controller technology so it can offer an uplink module for its GeoLAN/500 switching hub. The uplink will be available by mid-1997 at prices starting at under $6,000. Analysts expect similar moves by every networking vendor over the next few months.

By September 23, 1996


Short: UB Networks announced Fast Ethernet switch

UB Networks announced the GeoRim/FE Fast Ethernet switch with support for eight dual-speed 10Base-T and 100Base-TX UTP ports. The switch also includes two expansion slots for ATM or VLAN connections. UTP and Fiber expansion modules are available that bring the capacity of the switch to 12 ports. Support for the Virtual Networking Architecture (VNA) is also included and will be expanded to incorporate multidevice Virtual Local Area Networking (VLAN) capabilities. A Gigabit Ethernet uplink module will also be available soon. The GeoRim/FE switch is available now at prices starting at $995 per port.

By September 9, 1996