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Mt. Gox finds 200,000 missing bitcoins in unused wallet

Discovery reduces the number of bitcoins believed stolen in fraudulent withdrawals from 850,000 to 650,000.

By March 20, 2014


Quickly hide unused icons on an Apple TV

With the latest software update for the Apple TV, you can now hide icons directly from the main screen.

By March 11, 2014


Xbox One practically unusable without day one update

Says one of Microsoft's Xbox team members: Xbox One owners will "need the Day One update" to get going on the upcoming console.

By November 8, 2013


Google makes 'ungoogleable' unusable in Sweden

The company has reportedly placed pressure on the Language Council of Sweden for trying to add "ungoogleable" to its list of new words.

By March 26, 2013


Fed driver distraction guidelines make navigation unusable

The recently issued National Highway Transportation Safety Agency guidelines for automakers to minimize distraction for in-vehicle electronics included few surprises, except for the proposal to freeze maps on navigation systems.

By March 21, 2012


How to compress unused hours in Google Calendar

When was the last time you had a 3 a.m. appointment? Google recently released a tool that lets users compress blocks of time they rarely or never use so they don't clutter their layout.

By November 30, 2011


Microsoft turns to unused TV airwaves to solve spectrum crisis

Microsoft announces it has helped form a consortium to test a network using "white space" spectrum in the U.K. to help prove that unused spectrum can be used to alleviate the spectrum crunch.

By June 27, 2011


Study: Americans sitting on $30 billion in unused gift cards

According to a start-up called Plastic Jungle, as much as 7 percent of all the cards go unredeemed, and on average, American households are sitting on $300 worth of the retailer-specific gifts.

By January 24, 2011


iTunes 10 unusable after install? Reinstall the right way

Occasionally, users may find that after installing the latest version of iTunes on their Mac an error message appears reporting that the copy of iTunes is unusable and must be reinstalled.

By September 22, 2010


Survey: Mobile apps prevalent but often unused

About 35 percent of U.S. cell phone users surveyed by Pew have mobile apps on devices, but only 24 percent use them and 11 percent don't know if they have them.

By September 14, 2010