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Apple chastised for unsafe working conditions in supplier factory

China Labor Watch and Green America say the iPhone maker hasn't lived up to its commitments to improve worker conditions in a China factory.

By September 4, 2014


Unofficial iMessage app for Android appears, likely unsafe

New Android software lets users unofficially tap into Apple's iMessage service, though the security behind the app is suspect.

By September 24, 2013


Norah the jet bike: Horribly unsafe, terribly fun

Hobbyist inventor and several-time Guinness World Record holder Colin Furze has strapped a pulse jet to a rickety old bicycle. Why? Well, in his mad world, why not?

By June 11, 2013


World's largest passenger plane may be unsafe, some say

Some aircraft engineers in Australia are concerned about small cracks that have appeared on the wing ribs of some Airbus A380 airplanes, a report says. They're calling for the whole fleet to be grounded, but Airbus says the cracks are harmless.

By January 7, 2012


Samsung denies unsafe factory conditions gave workers cancer

Samsung is denying that dangerous working conditions in one of its chip-production plants were responsible for two workers dying of leukaemia, citing a study the company itself commissioned.

By July 25, 2011


Biochemist says 'naked' X-ray scanner may be unsafe

University of California professor says Obama administration claim that scanners are safe is based on "many misconceptions." He and his colleagues are preparing a response.

By November 11, 2010


Texting drivers feel unsafe, but still do it

AAA study finds that motorists feel less safe than they did years ago, due to the growth of text messaging while driving.

By September 20, 2010


Aussie ISPs to cut off unsafe Web users?

Government report recommends that Internet service providers force customers to use antivirus and firewall software or face disconnection.

By June 23, 2010


Expert: China's Green Dam software is unsafe

Poor programming practices in Chinese-mandated Green Dam filtering software put users at risk of compromise, security expert says.

By June 25, 2009


Serious security flaw in OAuth, OpenID discovered

Attackers can use the "Covert Redirect" vulnerability in both open-source log-in systems to steal your data and redirect you to unsafe sites.

By May 2, 2014