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The Android era: From G1 to KitKat

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean further fragments the OS as many handsets wait to update to Android 4.0. CNET weighs in on how far the Android OS has come and where it's going.

By July 2, 2012


HTC CEO confirms unlocked Android bootloaders

HTC CEO Peter Chou has confirmed that the company will not lock the bootloader on the company's future Android devices.

By May 26, 2011


Lockitron lets you unlock any door with your phone

Lockitron is a new gadget that lets you lock and unlock any of your doors with your phone, from anywhere in the world.

By May 18, 2011


iOS 4.3.3 jailbroken, let the iPhone unlocking commence!

Apple's iOS 4.3.3 has already been cracked open, and it was easier than expected.

By May 6, 2011


Two iPhone unlocking stores call it quits

Two separate companies that made a business out of offering AT&T iPhone 4 owners a way to unlock their phones to work on other carriers have closed up shop within days of each other.

By April 22, 2011


Unlock iPhones without jailbreaking

Without voiding your warranty, too. Just one problem: it ain't cheap. But at least one prominent source has confirmed that it works--and remotely, at that!

By April 12, 2011


Android app Unlock With WiFi does exactly what it says on the tin

A new beta app for Android automatically unlocks your smart phone when within range of your home Wi-Fi network, while also remembering to turn off Wi-Fi when you leave home.

By March 31, 2011


Windows 8 unlocks History Vault for Time Machine-style backup

Microsoft is showing off Windows 8 to its mates, including a History Vault backup feature that takes on Apple's Time Machine.

By March 30, 2011


iPhone 5 set for gesture unlock screen

An internal Apple app has shown off the company's attempt to bring a swipeable, Android-style gesture unlock screen to the iPhone.

By February 28, 2011


Google seeks to unlock Android 3.0 hardware power

A new interface coming in Honeycomb will let programmers write fast, low-level software that will work across a variety of devices.

By February 10, 2011