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iPhone 5S, 5C score 100,000 reservations at China Unicom

Online reservations for the new iPhones have shot past 100,000 at China's second-largest mobile carrier, reports Bloomberg.

By September 16, 2013


iPhone 5 snags 100,000 preorders through China Unicom

Reservations surged past the 100,000 mark on the phone's first day of preorders at China's No. 2 carrier.

By December 4, 2012


China Unicom to have iPhone 5 by end of 2012

The carrier says that it'll have the device within the next three months, joining China Telecom, which also be carrying the handset.

By September 14, 2012


China Unicom just a step away from selling iPhone 4S

According to a report from Chinese tech industry watchers MIC Gadget, the biggest mobile phone company in the world's largest smartphone market is one network permit away from carrying Apple's iPhone 4S.

By November 30, 2011


China Unicom to take on Apple, Google with OS

Wireless operator is developing a mobile OS brand known as "WoPhone," according to The Wall Street Journal.

By February 28, 2011


China Unicom has iPhone 4 antenna issue covered

Carrier will include complimentary case when it starts selling the phone on September 16, according to Chinese media.

By August 24, 2010


Report: China Unicom preps iPhones with Wi-Fi

After a thaw in some regulatory issues, China Unicom is planning to introduce iPhones with Wi-Fi into the Chinese market.

By March 8, 2010


Report: China Unicom to sell Android phones

Despite a spat between Google and the Chinese government, state-owned telco China Unicom said it will sell phones using the Google Android OS.

By March 3, 2010


China Unicom sells 100,000 iPhones since launch

China Unicom announced this week that the company has sold more than 100,000 iPhones since the phone's launch October 30. The numbers have improved since the phone's initial release, but the numbers are still modest.

By December 14, 2009


China Unicom: 5,000 iPhones sold in first weekend

While the numbers don't come close to the original iPhone's first-weekend sales in the U.S., the Chinese carrier has other factors to contend with.

By November 3, 2009