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Facebook unfriended us, company claims in contract suit

New Zealand-based Profile Technology says it got too popular for Facebook's liking, and was cut off from 'public profile' information.

By Oct. 10, 2012


How to find out who's unfriended you on Facebook

Like most of its users, Facebook keeps some information private and unavailable to the rest of us. For instance, do you want to find out who has dropped you from their Friends list? With the new Timeline feature, you're in luck--or wait, maybe not.

By Sep. 23, 2011


Get alerted when someone unfriends you on Facebook

Ever want to know if someone has removed you as a friend on Facebook? This extension makes it possible.

By Jan. 13, 2014


Do you avoid people who unfriend you on Facebook? (poll)

Facebook life continues to creep into real life, according to a new study. When someone unfriends you on Facebook, do you avoid them in the real world?

By Feb. 4, 2013


Facebook unfriending 'bug' gets quick fix

Users who were previously able to see who "unfriended" them in the new Timeline can no longer do so.

By Sep. 26, 2011


Top 5 reasons people "unfriend" you on Facebook

Some of the main reasons you get kicked off someone's island on Facebook might surprise you.

By Feb. 19, 2011


Senator's wife on Facebook: Keep away from my man, strippers

The wife of Alabama state Sen. Shadrack McGill decides that she must go to Facebook to shame those women who are allegedly chasing her man, even coming to their front door.

By Jun. 5, 2013


Three ways to see who's stopped following you on Twitter

You already get e-mail notifications when someone follows you on Twitter, but how do you keep up with who stopped following you? We rounded up three free services that alert you when you've lost a follower.

By Sep. 26, 2011


Thank you, Facebook: A way to demote annoying 'friends' on the sly

There's no chance of hurt feelings, but the upshot is that you'll see a lot less of their wonder-of-me moments in your News Feed every day.

By Mar. 22, 2012


How to customize your Facebook page for free

Give Facebook a near-complete makeover by using the free Social Fixer add-on for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and other browsers not named Internet Explorer.

By Mar. 20, 2013