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EMI v. MP3tunes decision leaves much undecided

Both sides of the lawsuit--copyright holder and service provider--can claim a partial victory, but final decisions are a long way off.

By August 23, 2011


White House undecided about data retention law

Despite Justice Department's enthusiasm, White House hasn't taken a position on whether a law is needed to force Internet providers to keep track of what their customers are doing.

By February 15, 2011


CES: Toshiba undecided on Netbooks in U.S.

The company whose name is practically synonymous with laptops is still undecided about committing to one of the hottest mobile PC markets in the U.S.

By January 8, 2009


Yahoo undecided on Microsoft offer (yawn)

Is Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo even news at this point?

By February 6, 2008


The fate of Emailer: still undecided?; petition drive started

The fate of Emailer: still undecided?; petition drive started

By September 11, 1998


​Korean handset maker Pantech faces bankruptcy with $475M debt

The third largest phone maker in Korea continues to post losses while still owing debt to various entities, including Korea's three carriers.

By July 2, 2014


Sony touts streaming, Nintendo reveals Amiibo

At E3 2014, Sony shows off new PlayStation hardware and services for streaming, and Nintendo demos Amiibo toy figurines that work with Wii U and 3DS games.

By June 10, 2014


Watch Comet ISON hurtle toward the sun

NASA releases a short movie showing comet ISON's approach near the fiery grasp of the sun over the course of five days.

By November 27, 2013


Steambox debuts, offers a new path to living room PC gaming

Valve's new idea of a console/PC hybrid takes aim at Xbox One, PS4.

By January 6, 2014


Sony working on VR headset for PS4

Sony is reportedly on track to reveal a PlayStation-based Oculus Rift competitor in 2014.

By September 3, 2013