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Leaked iPhone 6 sapphire screen tough, but not unbreakable

Recent videos claim to show the supposed sapphire screen withstanding some intense abuse -- but it's not invincible.

By Jul. 11, 2014


The iPhone 6's 'unbreakable' sapphire screen

Extreme bending and scratch tests shows how unbreakable and unscratchable the iPhone 6's sapphire front panel proves to be.

By Jul. 10, 2014


LG to demo bendable, unbreakable smartphone screen

One of the products taking the stage at Display Week 2013 will be a flexible, 5-inch OLED smartphone screen.

By May. 20, 2013


LG's 5-inch 'unbreakable' bendy plastic phone screen on show

This bendy 5-inch screen is LG's first OLED screen made of plastic, meaning it's flexible and much less vulnerable to drops and scrapes.

By May. 20, 2013


Poll: would you queue for a flexible, unbreakable Samsung phone?

Rumour has it that Samsung will have flexible screens in either the Galaxy S4 or its successor. Do you think this is groundbreaking technology worth queuing up for?

By Dec. 10, 2012


Samsung Galaxy S4 to boast an 'unbreakable' screen

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will have an indestructible screen when it arrives in the new year, according to new reports.

By Dec. 7, 2012


Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 be 'unbreakable'?

A new rumor says Samsung's fancy bendable displays could come to market in its next flagship phone.

By Dec. 6, 2012


Mercury Rises as Bruce Willis takes on Unbreakable iTunes terms

Could The Last Boy Scout's stoush with Apple put Armageddon within striking distance of the iTunes terms and conditions?

By Sep. 3, 2012


Unbreakable: Mesh networks are in your smartphone's future

Two entrepreneurs think it's time for smartphones to start cooperating with each other by sharing network connections.

By Jul. 13, 2012


Are HDTVs with unbreakable glass necessary?

Corning is pitching its ultradurable Gorilla Glass--currently used in smartphones and handheld devices--for use as HDTV cover glass.

By Aug. 2, 2010