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Leave no UMD behind: Sony PSP Go offers UMD amnesty

Sony has hinted at a programme of replacing existing PSP owners' UMDs should they fancy a PSP Go. Doing the decent thing or fleecing the customer?

By June 5, 2009


Logitech to give PSP Go its UMD back?

From Joystiq comes a rumor that Logitech is developing a UMD add-on drive for the PSP Go.

By December 2, 2009


It's 'PSP No' for converting old UMD discs

Dedicated mobile gamers have been asking what, if anything, could they do with their collections of UMD game and movie discs if they upgrade to the PSP Go.

By September 25, 2009


R.I.P. PSP Go, we hardly knew ye

Sony has confirmed with CNET that production has officially ended for the PSP Go, the company's UMD-less portable system that debuted in late 2009. The Go was undeniably sexy, improving upon the traditional PSP's overall design.

By April 20, 2011


Sony PSP 2 out this year, abandoning UMD?

Sony is rumoured to be developing the PSP 2 for release possibly as early as autumn of this year, and it may abolish the UMD format in favour of digital downloads

By February 26, 2009


Rumor: PSP2 will ditch UMD disc drive

Thanks to a developer's post on Facebook and Twitter, rumors are flying that a new PSP2 is forthcoming and that it will ditch the UMD disc drive in favor of just flash memory.

By February 25, 2009


Nintendo DSi vs. Sony PSP Go

It's the portable gaming debate that will never go away. Can Sony's all-download, UMD-free PSP Go gaming handheld take down the Nintendo DSi?

By November 4, 2009


Sony's Patapon 2 unleashes its rhythm magic download-only: Will game boxes disappear?

Today Sony releases a brand-new game for the PSP, and there will be no UMD in sight.

By May 5, 2009


Rumor: New PSP will have sliding screen

Another rumor surfaces about the next-gen PSP and how it will not only do away with the UMD disc system but will add a sliding screen.

By March 2, 2009


Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim (PSP)

If you can live without any room for storing UMD games or extra memory cards, the Logitech PlayGear Pocket Slim is one of the best cases available for your slim PSP.

By September 18, 2008

3.5 stars Editors' rating September 18, 2008