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Real-life Hanzo katana sword from 'Kill Bill' ready for action

Watch blacksmiths forge a Hattori Hanzo katana sword from scratch in the latest video from "Man at Arms: Reforged."

By July 20, 2015


Five-deal Friday: Ooma, Beats, Gaffigan and more!

If you're ready to cut the landline cord, the Ooma Telo offers lots of... wait, Gaffigan?

By January 9, 2015


Morgan Stanley tries to stop Facebook investor arbitration

A Facebook investor is seeking arbitration for $1.9 million in damages from the botched IPO, but Morgan Stanley argues it shouldn't proceed because the investor isn't Morgan Stanley's customer, according to a report.

By November 6, 2012


Apple edges Amazon in J.D. Power tablet satisfaction survey

Survey points to close battle between Apple and Amazon, which enjoy a wide lead over the rest of the pack.

By September 13, 2012


RIM delivers new features with 7.1 OS, but still no BlackBerry 10

The new OS features for BlackBerry include Wi-Fi routing, an FM radio, and a coupon component for the map app.

By January 9, 2012


RIM BlackBerry Curve 9360 review: BlackBerry for beginners

CNET reviews the RIM BlackBerry Curve 9360 for T-Mobile. The RIM BlackBerry Curve 9360 makes a great entry-level offering for those already in the BlackBerry camp.

By October 31, 2011


Without AT&T, what's next for T-Mobile? (Ask Maggie)

This week's Ask Maggie explains why it's unlikely T-Mobile will be gobbled up by another competitor who will force it to become a CDMA carrier.

By September 2, 2011


Orange Barcelona Android phone appears on beautiful horizon

The own-brand Orange Barcelona Android smart phone is a modest, BlackBerry-esque handset landing in Britain soon.

By June 13, 2011


Astronauts attach cosmic ray detector to space station

A $2 billion cosmic ray detector attached to the International Space Station today already is beaming down a steady stream of data as torrents of high-energy particles from deep space pass through.

By May 19, 2011


Ask Maggie: AT&T to cut T-Mobile Wi-Fi call feature?

T-Mobile USA offers the UMA Wi-Fi calling feature on several more Android phones. An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that the feature was limited to two phones.

By April 8, 2011