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Sun extends UltraSparc reach

With its new microprocessor, Sun Microsystems hopes to sell chips to telecom firms, storage manufacturers.

By August 6, 2007


Sun bumps UltraSparc to 1.8GHz

Speed increase improves the overall performance of servers with the chip about 20 percent, Sun Microsystems says.

By August 22, 2006


Sun speeds UltraSparc, but some analysts see trouble

UltraSparc IV+ now available in 1.95GHz, 2.1GHz models, but higher-end server sales could be slowing.

By April 3, 2007


Sun open-sources second Niagara chip

The 64-thread UltraSparc T2 design now is available under the General Public License.

By December 11, 2007


Sun's top-end servers get UltraSparc IV+

New UltraSparc IV+ has been released in high-end Unix servers, the 36-processor Sun Fire E20K and 72-processor E25K.

By October 17, 2005


Sun revamps Unix servers with UltraSparc IV+

The UltraSparc IV+ processor will double the performance of Sun's Unix servers. The chip, however, soon will face competition.

By September 20, 2005


Sun upgrades servers with UltraSparc IV+ debut

Next week will see the launch of the new top-of-the-line chip in a revamp of Sun's core Unix server line, News.com has learned.

By September 14, 2005


Sun speeds Niagara servers

Sun plans to announce faster UltraSparc T1 'Niagara' servers. And 'Rock' servers are due in the second half of 2008.

By January 17, 2007


Faster chip plugged into midrange UltraSparc

Upcoming "Niagara" will appear in the 1.6GHz UltraSparc IIIi.

By November 15, 2004