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Sun introduces UltraSparc T1-based servers

At a press event in New York, Sun Microsystems CEO Scott McNealy and Sun Executive Vice President David Yen unveil the Sun Fire T2000 and T1000 servers, which use the UltraSparc T1 processor. Yen explains how the chip is innovative and socially responsible.

November 1, 2007


Sun open-sources second Niagara chip

The 64-thread UltraSparc T2 design now is available under the General Public License.

By December 11, 2007


OpenBSD turns 4.0

By November 3, 2006


Sun, Fujitsu unveil quad-core Sparc64 chip, servers

Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu announce a quad-core Sparc64 VII processor that puts all processing cores in one chip.

By July 13, 2008


Sun's Vic Falls: Two is better than one

Sun Microsystems' new dual-socket chip multithreading servers deliver solid benchmark numbers.

By April 9, 2008