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Asus R2H Ultramobile PC

The Asus R2H is too big to be truly ultramobile, but its relatively large screen and decent battery make it good for on-the-go Web surfing and media playing, even if the onscreen keyboard is a chore to use.

January 29, 2007

3 stars Editors' rating January 29, 2007

MSRP: $999.00


Samsung Q1 ultramobile PC

The Samsung Q1's sleek case is definitely eye-catching, but we expect better performance and battery life for a thousand of our hard-earned bucks.

June 5, 2006

2 stars Editors' rating June 5, 2006

MSRP: $999.00


A Netbook/ultramobile hybrid from Sharp

The five-inch touch-screen mobile computer is meant to be used as a handheld device with thumb-typing.

By October 6, 2009


Gallery: Ultramobile, Web-friendly PCs

At the Intel Developer Conference showcase, a circus of unusual and tiny computers.

By August 20, 2008


MTI Micro partners for fuel cell ultra-mobile PC

Rather than look for an electrical outlet in the airport, you can pull out a liquid methanol cartridge to charge your ultra-mobile PC, if this partnership pans out.

By July 10, 2008


Road Warrior: Ultragadgets for the ultramobile masses

Tom Merritt shows you an ultrasmall DVD player, an Ultra Mobile PC, and our pick for best ultraportable laptop.

May 21, 2008


Toshiba shows ultramobile PC concept

Toshiba has been demonstrating a concept design for a new ultramobile PC, and it could end up being cleverer than all the rest

By January 8, 2008


Samsung upgrades Q1 ultramobile PC

The $1,399 Q1 Ultra Premium UMPC has a 1.33GHz Intel Core Solo processor and, Samsung says, a better keyboard. Pokier predecessors get a price cut.

By January 7, 2008


OQO model e2 'ultra-mobile PC': Up close and personal

Although we've been busy giving out candy to kids and lighting fireworks, we've still had time to fiddle with the improved OQO model e2

By November 5, 2007


Samsung releases updated ultra-mobile PC

At CES 2007 in Las Vegas, ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind looks at the successor to Samsung's popular Q1 ultra mobile PC. The UMPC boasts faster boot times and much improved shock resistance, thanks to its solid-state flash memory-based hard drive.

November 1, 2007