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UltraMobile is an iPhone and Android application designed to allow DNS administrators to manage (search, view & modify) the DNS setting in their...

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Google DNS slowing down iTunes and Apple TV

Are iTunes downloads and Apple TV streaming being slow on your system? Google's public DNS servers may be to blame.

By December 20, 2010


Google proposes geo-smart Internet speedup

The Internet's address system sometimes can inappropriately route people to servers far away. Google proposes a DNS change to try to fix it.

By January 28, 2010


Web staggers under pre-Christmas DDoS attack

Several high-profile e-commerce sites were inaccessible for around half an hour Wednesday evening, due to what customer support at a major DNS provider called an attack.

By December 23, 2009


DDoS attack hobbles major sites, including Amazon

More than a mouse was stirring Wednesday night on the Internet, as an attack on a major DNS provider to sites such as Amazon.com and others hobbled service for about an hour.

By December 23, 2009


Attack targets .info domain system

Attackers flood another domain name system with a deluge of data in an online assault that resembles last month's attempt to cripple DNS root servers.

By November 25, 2002


New.net appoints technology chief

New.net, an Internet start-up aiming to speed up the domain-name registration process, has appointed Steve Hotz as chief technology officer. The Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based company said Hotz has over 14 years of experience in technology research and development, including areas that involve the DNS (domain name system), an international network of Internet domain name servers, names and addresses. Hotz has worked at UltraDNS as well as the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute with Jon Postel, the founder of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, a precursor to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names, according to New.net. In October, New.net released a new domain name suffix, .movie. Four months later, the company acquired Basic Fusion, a registry services provider.

April 2, 2002