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MSI notebook first with Intel's ultra-low voltage processor

The X-Slim X340 beats much larger PC makers to the punch with Intel's CULV.

By May 27, 2009


Something to eye this holiday: Lower-end processors in a large-laptop body

Ultra-low-voltage processors are great for ultraportable laptops, but they're a confusing and not always cheap way to go at 15 inches and up.

By November 24, 2009


Toshiba's new slim T100 series

Just in time for the Windows 7 invasion, Toshiba has announced a new line of slim laptops, dubbed the T100 series. With Intel ultra-low-voltage processors (or ULV), the 13.3-inch T135 and 11.6-inch T115 are both less than one inch thick, have LED displays

By September 28, 2009


Slowing down the Netbook train

New laptops with ultra-low voltage processors are poised to steal some attention from consumers looking for inexpensive laptops this fall.

By July 17, 2009


HP ultraportables tap future low-power chips, SSDs

The EliteBook 2530p and 2730p feature upcoming Intel 45-nanometer ultra-low-voltage processors, and the option for an 80GB solid-state drive.

By August 18, 2008


Acer upgrades its tablet PC

The PC manufacturer is expected to begin shipping the new version of its tablet PC, with Intel's 900MHz ultra-low-voltage version of the Pentium M.

By May 7, 2003


Tablet PC receives Pentium M boost

Motion Computing plans to put a little more swing into its tablet PC next month with a model featuring Intel's new 900MHz ultra-low-voltage version of the Pentium M.

By April 29, 2003


Sharp launches low-voltage notebook

Sharp Systems of America introduced a new notebook Monday. The PC-UM20, scheduled to ship this week, weighs less than three pounds, includes the new 750MHz ultra-low voltage Pentium III-M processor from Intel and 256MB of memory. The PC-UM20, which will also come with a 12-inch display, will be priced at $1,699. The notebook's predecessor, the PC-UM10, went for the same price, but had a slower chip, the 600MHz Pentium III-M, and half the RAM. Sharp's latest offering since the company returned to the U.S. notebook market last year, the PC-UM20 will be available through the company's Web site or resellers, the company said.

By March 4, 2002