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Do I need to pay more than £30 for earphones?

What on earth makes a pair of earphones worth a triple-figure sum of money? I've had free pairs with every MP3 player I've bought!

By October 17, 2007


Tor anonymity server admin arrested

In a recent posting to his blog, a German operator of a Tor anonymous proxy server revealed that he was arrested by German police officers at the end of July.

By September 16, 2007


Photos: TiVo-themed wedding gives pause

The ultimate gadget fan's nuptials

By May 14, 2007


CNET.co.uk is two years old: Here's your highlights

Come and celebrate our second birthday with a run-down of the most popular reviews, features and Crave stories since we launched. Cheers!

By May 18, 2007


Crave Talk: What does your bit rate say about you?

Peering into our digital crystal ball of technological stereotypes, we ask the question, "Does your choice of music compression reveal too much about your digital lifestlye?"

By May 8, 2007


A smart collar for noisy dogs

New version is weatherproof

By May 2, 2007


Shure's new 'buds

Shure releases four new sets of sound-isolating earbuds.

By January 9, 2007


Crave Podcast 10: Google on trial

Is Google the Hannibal Lecter of tech or a pioneer, revolutionising the Internet? This week's Crave Podcast has lively debate and outright slanging on this and much more. Your ears will never be the same again...

July 25, 2006