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Custom UIs on smartphones: Would you? Should you?

After concept photos of a reimagined Windows Phone user interface surface, Crave's chief correspondent revisits an old debate: are custom UIs good or bad?

By Mar. 21, 2012


Smartphone interface-off!: 10 UIs compared

We scrutinize and judge ten notable interfaces for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and more.

By Dec. 10, 2010


BBC Connected Red Button comes to Samsung and Sony TVs

The BBC has brought its Connected Red Button service to a range of Sony and Samsung smart TVs, with LG tellies to follow soon.

By Jan. 13, 2014


HTC brings One Developer Edition to America

HTC One fans in the U.S. have a new Developer model just for them.

By Mar. 13, 2013


Huawei is in talks to make a Google Edition Ascend P6

Huawei has admitted it's talking to Google about making a version of the Ascend P6 that runs stock Android.

By Jun. 30, 2013


Gesture recognition will be a slam-dunk, startup head says (Q&A)

User interfaces are changing with touch, voice, and -- now -- gestures. EyeSight Mobile CEO Gideon Shmuel believes gesture recognition will transform our expectations of PCs, phones, TVs, and tablets.

By Feb. 11, 2014


Reporters' Roundtable: Kinect, multitouch, future of interfaces

Our touch points with tech are expanding beyond the mouse and keyboard. Gamers use entire bodies for control; Apple ushered in an era of multitouch. What's next? We discuss with Ars Technica's Jon Stokes and Forrester's James McQuivey.

By Feb. 4, 2011


NTT DoCoMo Grip UI: Look ma, one hand!

At the Ceatec trade show in Japan, the operator unveils its Grip UI for one-handed use of smartphones, which could be great for commuters.

By Oct. 2, 2012


Microsoft pegs tablets for 2013 win - should it be scared?

Microsoft reckons tablets are going to outsell desktop PCs next year. But will Microsoft be part of that success?

By Jun. 27, 2012


Monotype releases font suite for mobile developers

Promising easier font rendering and wider language support, Monotype Imaging launches a mobile suite for Android developers.

By May. 29, 2012