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Fund this? An expandable storage backpack for your Android phone

Don't want a card reader sticking out from the bottom of your handset? This one rides piggyback.

By February 27, 2014


Daily Tidbits: GrandCentral making its way to...Spain?

Google's GrandCentral may be on its way to Spain, according to reports. And UGO Entertainment is officially acquiring 1UP.com and its associated sites.

By January 7, 2009


How to add PayPal to your iWeb site

iWeb offers Mac users an easy way to build their own Web site from scratch and post it for all the world to enjoy. Though iWeb's built-in tools are formidable, you can greatly expand its scope by using HTML Snippets and a little coding from popular Web sites like PayPal.

By May 26, 2011


Twitter's @earlybird: Not the most magical debut

Giving away free tickets to a movie that's raking in one terrible review after another might not be the best PR for Twitter's new daily-deals service.

By July 14, 2010


Where we wanna get you fired

'GTA IV' basically ruins Randall's life for the next few months, Mario Kart Wii is a pretty slick game, and the iPhone might be getting a price drop.

By April 30, 2008


Buzz Out Loud 890: Mad Molly Mondays

Yahoo's got a new chief, AT&T is spamming Idol fans and non-Idol fans alike, and the Storm Worm has been cracked. That's all big news, but the biggest news comes from me at the end of the show. Be sure to listen all the way through.

By January 14, 2009


The 404 367: Where we get mushy with Russ Frushtick

Our good buddy Russ Frushtick of MTV Multiplayer (formerly of UGO) comes onto the show today to talk shop and give us the inside scoop on Project Natal, 'Ghostbusters,' and the Nintendo Wii Motion Plus.

By June 22, 2009


The 404 311: Where we're in constant need of Russ Frushtick's approval

Russ Frushtick of UGO joins The 404 again today for the fourth maybe fifth time? Who knows. Anyway, it's a video game heavy show today with a lot of first hand commentary from Mr. Frushtick on OnLive's new video game platform and Jack Black's new videog

By April 1, 2009


The 404 266: Where we accidentally make it on Engadget

We made it onto Engadget! Well, sort of. It was kind of an accident, but Engadget is Engadget right? On today's show, we discuss some video game news with our buddy Russ Frushtick, the games editor for UGO.com. We also talk about our accidental plug on En

By January 27, 2009