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Samsung co-CEO talks TVs and appliances with CNET (Q&A)

CNET sits down in Korea with Boo-keun Yoon, Samsung's consumer electronics chief, to talk about what it's doing with smart TVs and washing machines -- and why the hesitancy toward new display tech.

By December 9, 2013


LG 84-inch ultra-def TV launches

LG has launched the world's first 84-inch "ultra-definition" commercial TV into the Korean marketplace.

By August 23, 2012


LG ships largest LCD TV this summer; will its 4K rez help passive 3D?

LG has confirmed details on its massive 84-inch, 4K LED-based LCD TV--the largest shipping TV announced at CES 2012 so far--and hints that it may improve the passive 3D experience.

By January 9, 2012


LG 84-inch 3D ultra-def TV heading to CES

Looks like LG has already given up its TV goodies for CES 2012.

By January 4, 2012


LG's eye-poppin' 84-inch 3D ultra-def TV heading to CES

Let the battle of the "world's largest" for CES 2012 begin!

By December 29, 2011