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Iowa State research to give UAV jockeys a virtual view of battle space

Real-time virtual view of the battle space allows single operator to control multiple unmanned aerial vehicles simultaneously, say researchers.

By September 14, 2008


Quiet Canadian UAV looks to cash-in on DHS grants

Draganflyer X6 robo-copter fills UAV niche.

By August 29, 2008


Boeing's Hummingbird UAV hums along

Turbine-powered unmanned rotorcraft hovers high and keeps going and going in recent performance tests. Plus: A test shot for the Advanced Tactical Laser.

By May 22, 2008


Photos of Watchkeeper UAV released

Successful maiden flight for new U.K. UAV.

By May 9, 2008


Photos: Museum-quality military UAVs

In Washington, drone aircraft have found friends in high places, like Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Now they've also found a home in the Smithsonian Institution.

By May 1, 2008


UAV overload could hurt Predator program

The U.S. Army wants more of the aerial drones flying in combat zones. The Air Force says the scramble could push Predator teams to the breaking point.

By March 24, 2008


Army official: UAVs are 'unsung heroes' in Iraq

U.S. military says soldiers are applauding aid from drones and other robots as they attempt to fend off enemies, scout out dangerous terrain, and stay out of harm's way.

By February 29, 2008


Pentagon's UAV use hits new high

In October, there were more than twice as many aerial drones in service with the Air Force as there had been at the start of 2007.

By January 2, 2008


Ford flying high with futuristic Boeing UAV

An unmanned aircraft with a hydrogen engine--a variation on the gas-powered motors in Ford's Fusion and Escape hybrids--does well in preliminary tests, the companies say.

By October 25, 2007


Unmanned stealth jet could transform naval aviation

Tailless, stealth UAV, could be operating off US Navy carriers by 2020.

By September 11, 2008