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Report: Windows 7 holes eased by axing admin rights

BeyondTrust report says companies should set most workers as standard users and not administrators to avoid being exposed to attacks.

By March 29, 2010


Don't laugh, Venuegen's virtual meetings can work

Second Life didn't work as a virtual world for business meetings, but this might.

By March 21, 2010


Trend Micro forecasts future threats

Cloud computing and virtualization are two technologies that cybercriminals may target more heavily next year, predicts security firm Trend Micro in a new report.

By December 10, 2009


Is Snow Leopard the new Vista?

Snow Leopard's launch has been plagued by software incompatibility, sluggish performance and a lack of killer features. We're beginning to wonder: is Snow Leopard the new Vista?

By November 9, 2009


How to change User Account Control settings in Windows 7

UAC was one of Vista's most annoying features, and it's still hanging around like a bad smell in Windows 7. It is much less intrusive though -- here's how to customise it

By October 12, 2009


Windows 7 default user account control worries experts

Microsoft made some changes to a much-maligned User Account Control feature, but experts say the default still puts consumers at risk.

By October 22, 2009


Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Significance of 7

Is Windows 7 just Vista done right, or is it a real departure for Microsoft? We discuss what Windows 7 means for the industry and its impact on vendors like Apple and Google. With special guests Farhad Manjoo of Slate and Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet.

By October 16, 2009


Free Windows tweaker has some rough edges

The beta version of TweakNow PowerPack 2009 1.6.1 provides easy access to dozens of Windows settings and customizations, but not all the program's tools are ready for prime time.

By September 4, 2009


Adobe to fix critical Flash hole next week

Company expects to have updates late next week for Flash, Reader to fix critical hole being reportedly exploited in attacks.

By July 23, 2009


Adobe investigating zero-day bug in Flash

Attackers turn unpatched bug in Flash into an exploit to drop Trojan on computers in latest attack on Adobe software.

By July 22, 2009