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LG U890: The U880's musical sibling

LG has launched a new colourful clamshell based on the LG U880, and they've added stereo speakers and stereo Bluetooth support

April 20, 2006


Samsung E900 vs. LG Chocolate phone: Slider showdown

The SGH-E900 is Samsung's attempt to outdo its long-time rival LG, which is taking over the world with its Chocolate phone. But is this really a Chocolate killer?

By May 22, 2006


LG U890: wireless Big Brother and MP3s

You'll either love or hate 3's live stream of Big Brother, but LG's 3G-enabled U890 is a promising little handset for music lovers, with stereo Bluetooth connectivity, an MP3 player and a microSD card slot onboard.

By May 2, 2006