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Samsung has winning U.K. strategy, but users want more

London saw an astonishing Galaxy S3 launch, but Samsung's huge growth means it has to do a better job with software updates.

By May 10, 2012


In U.K., too, Apple relents on iPad 4G branding

First came the shift in Australia. Now Apple in the U.K. is also rebranding the new iPad as "Wi-Fi + Cellular" to better reflect the local wireless situation.

By May 15, 2012


Microsoft relinquishes SkyDrive brand

The software giant is going to rebrand its cloud storage service, following a settlement with British Sky Broadcasting Group over rights to the "Sky" name.

By July 31, 2013


A brand-new dinosaur noses its way into the books

With its prominent proboscis, this newly announced species of dinosaur isn't quite like the Triceratops you remember from those school field trips to the museum.

By July 17, 2013


Top U.K. PC brand goes belly-up

Top U.K. PC brand goes belly-up

By July 27, 2005


Apple's iPad '4G' branding changes across Europe

The "4G" branding skirmish in Europe is finally over as the tech giant switches the wording on its tablets for sale from "Wi-Fi + 4G" to "WiFi + Cellular."

By May 17, 2012


Nokia looking to unload Vertu brand?

The troubled cell phone maker is in advanced talks to sell the luxury phone maker to a private equity group for about $265 million, the Financial Times reports.

By April 29, 2012


Apple could face a fight over the 'iTV' brand--should it go that way

The Telegraph claims that British TV network ITV has warned Apple off the name iTV for any TV products. But ITV denies that report.

By February 13, 2012


Toyota, 3M, Siemens top green brands in survey

Interbrand ranks global brands of companies that have green practices, products, and services.

By July 27, 2011


Apple, Australia can't agree on iPad 4G issue

Talks between Apple and Australia fail to resolve a legal skirmish over the use of the term "4G" as part of the iPad's branding.

By April 16, 2012