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Laser treatment claims to turn brown eyes blue

A clinic in California is testing a laser procedure that eliminates pigment in the patient's eyes, turning them blue.

By March 11, 2015


Boeing flies F-16 fighter, minus the pilot

Refurbished F-16 fighter jets take to the air without pilots in the cockpit to help the Air Force train for combat.

By September 24, 2013


Bentley eyes an upper-crust SUV

Automotive News reports on Bentley's plants to market an SUV.

By August 2, 2011


Dashboard setup keeps tabs on diabetic drivers

Onboard system from Medtronic uses Bluetooth to wirelessly transmit information about blood sugar levels to driver.

By June 10, 2008


IBM to cool layered chips with water

A 3D processor structure that integrates hair-thin water pipes will provide a solution for heat management in high-processing computers, scientists at Big Blue's Zurich Research Lab say.

By June 5, 2008


IBM uses plumbing, watercoolers to chill supercomputer

Big Blue's new version of its high-end supercomputer, the Power 575, needs a cool drink of water to operate at peak performance.

By April 7, 2008


Cooling chips with fluid...from the inside

Liquids cool best when right next to a hot surface. Irish researchers are taking that to the next logical step.

By March 4, 2008


A radiation detector for inside the body

It was made for spacecraft, but the radiation detector can be used in cancer patients, too.

By February 26, 2008


An LED that can go 80 years on a battery charge?

The micro LED--which is significantly smaller than conventional LEDs--requires only a few billionths of an amp to operate.

By February 27, 2008


Wireless sensors the Lego way

A research institute in Ireland has created a platform that allows people to mix and match the components and capabilities of wireless sensors.

By February 27, 2008