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Two gadgets enter the ring, but only one can leave the champion! Each week Brian Tong pits two compe


Fulton Innnovation two-way wireless charging

This two-way technology will let your devices power each other.

By January 9, 2013


Two ways to enable the root user in OS X

While rarely needed, the root user can be enabled to give full and unrestricted access to an OS X system for troubleshooting purposes.

By January 16, 2014


Polaroid's Android-powered Socialmatic gives you two ways to share shots (pictures)

The 14-megapixel camera has built-in Wi-Fi and an instant printer so you can show off your photos as soon as you take them.

5 Images By January 7, 2014


Two ways to access Custom Google Maps on the Web

Google has a history of offering many pathways to the same result when it comes to its Web services. The newest version of Google Maps is no exception. Read on to find out two easy ways to access the Custom Maps you have created.

By December 13, 2013


CES: Skype buys rival Qik to handle two-way Android video calls

As expected, Skype announced a solution to two-way video chats on Android. It simply bought up the competition. We have the details here.

By January 6, 2011


Skype for Android two-way video chat all but guaranteed

Nvidia spills Skype's beans in an abortive attempt to show off two-way Skype video chat on an unnamed Android tablet.

By January 5, 2011


Skype for iPhone adds two-way video calling

While Skype is nowhere near first to wave the video calling banner, waiting may not have been a bad move. For a player this major, quality and timing are everything.

By December 29, 2010


Two ways to zoom in on Instagram on an iPhone

You can change a setting in order to be able to zoom in on a photo on your Instagram feed, or you could simply take a screenshot and zoom in on that.

By October 21, 2013


Google to require two-way data-sharing street

If Web services want to let their users import data from Google, they will now be required to allow those users to easily export data.

By November 5, 2010


Fring steps up to FaceTime with two-way iPhone video calls over 3G

FaceTime competitor Fring has two cards up its sleeve, one of which is the capability to make two-way video calls over not only Wi-Fi, but also 3G.

By July 9, 2010