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How to use the Twitter swipe shortcut on Android and iOS

Sweep your finger horizontally across a tweet to get shortcuts for common functions right from your timeline.

By February 22, 2012


Smartphone use: the survey says

The way we use our phones is changing rapidly, and with the help of 1000 CNET readers we now have a better understanding of the things we do and don't do with our phones.

By August 23, 2010


Get YourName@Linux.com

The Linux Foundation is now offering individual memberships to help support the cause. Members get an ultra-hip @linux.com email address.

By June 2, 2009


AT&T: Works Toward Reduction of Network Data Outages

"We will continue to work aggressively to establish new network routes to increase diverse routes for these connections."

By February 13, 2009


Twitter phishing scam may be spreading

Beware this bogus direct message: "Hey! check out this funny blog about you..."

By January 3, 2009


Q&A: Long before there was Twitter, there was AOL

Former AOL CEO Barry Schuler remembers what it is like to be the receiving end of outraged customers after an online service unexpectedly goes dark. He offers a lesson learned for Twitter.

By April 27, 2008