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Nintendo's Fils-Aime heads out on the road to play Wii U, 3DS

The Nintendo of America president will play 3DS and Wii U games with fans at "I'm With Reggie" tweetups held across the US.

By October 25, 2013


Blizzard puts kibosh on Surface Pro launch event in NY

Microsoft's low-key Surface Pro launch has been canceled due to a blizzard expected to hit New York. But Best Buy is still planning to sell devices at midnight as planned.

By February 8, 2013


Interweb, defriend and tweetup make it into the dictionary

A slew of geeky terms, including Interweb, unfriend and tweetup have made it into the most recent edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English. What other dork slang deserves a mention?

By August 24, 2010


For a big launch, Microsoft readies tiny holiday pop-up stores

Microsoft is planning to open 34 holiday pop-up stores in North America starting October 26. If these designs are any indication, they're going to be very compact.

By October 11, 2012


Windows 8 launch: 21 days and counting

Invites to the ball have arrived. October 25 will be a busy day for Microsoft watchers (as will the 26th, when launched products, including Surface RT devices, go on sale commercially).

By October 4, 2012


Giants to host 'largest tweet-up in history'

The San Francisco Giants will host the event at a baseball game in late April. But ticket costs $20, party and social-media panel discussion included.

By March 31, 2010


The 404 929: Where we hail to the chief (podcast)

It's a busy job being president of CBS Interactive, but Jim Lanzone takes an hour to sit down with CNET's The 404 Podcast to talk shop, so we're minding our Ps and Qs, our Fs....Ss....Bs....and Ds.

By October 20, 2011


Twitter blocks products from app-maker UberMedia

Claiming violations involving privacy invasions and trademark infringement, Twitter suspends the products from the company that owns applications like UberTwitter, Echofon, and Twidroyd.

By February 18, 2011


Best Twitter apps for Android

There's no shortage of Twitter clients for the Android platform, so we thought it was time to sort the wheat from the chaff and present you with our five favourites.

By November 26, 2010


Interweb, defriend make it into the dictionary

A slew of geeky terms have made it into the third edition of the Oxford Dictionary of English, not to be confused with the authoritative Oxford English Dictionary.

By August 24, 2010