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Three tech items you should never buy refurbished

Make no mistake: some refurbished deals are just plain awesome. But others...not so much.

By September 10, 2012


Intel unveils system-on-a-chip for TVs

The CE4100 is designed to bring Internet content and services to digital TVs, DVD players, and advanced set-top boxes.

By September 24, 2009


If this TV's looks don't kill, its price will

Italian-designed TV-DVD combo player is a beauty, until you see the $3,000 price tag.

By May 1, 2008


Be careful how you light this multimedia fireplace

Vok combines an LCD TV, DVD player, PC, and Bose sound system directly above the hearth.

By February 7, 2008


Samsung retires from Japanese consumer electronics market

Korean electronics maker says it stopped selling TVs, DVD players, portable music players, and other devices because of meager profitability.

By November 9, 2007


Pioneer's new home theatre range

Pioneer has announced its new audiovisual lineup for 2007 which includes the new ultra-black Kuro televisions, DVD recorders and receivers.

By September 21, 2007


Pirate fever gets a little too feverish

TV-DVD player with skull and crossbones isn't done very effectively.

By April 10, 2007


LG Chocolate TV, DVD Recorder and home theatre spotted!

Posers rejoice! We've just spotted a range of televisions, DVD recorders and home theatre equipment inspired by the LG Chocolate phone

By November 21, 2006


Deal of the day: Portable video player

You save $200 on LCD TV/DVD player.

By November 11, 2005


Toshiba shows off its 2006 collection

Last week Toshiba filled a country hotel with more televisions, DVD players and projectors than any sane human has a right to see and let the assembled press off the leash. Including Crave...

By April 13, 2006