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Check out this high-tech bed -- it has a TV, speakers... and an app

If James Bond could actually commit himself to just one woman, he'd probably sleep with her in this high-end bed with an integrated Bang & Olufsen television and sound system.

By August 29, 2012


Samsung 110-inch Ultra HD TV is world's largest, on sale now

Samsung is now selling a UHD TV that's bigger than a king-size bed. Just don't expect it to be cheap.

By December 30, 2013


TV hides the bed, and vice-versa

But how will we watch Letterman?

By February 26, 2007


A monster TV under your bed

Nightmares not included (supply your own)

By January 30, 2007


Will Roku bring smart TVs into the cool crowd?

Low-price Hisense and TCL sets with Roku's brains built in may have the best shot yet at moving smart TVs from niche shopping consideration to popular norm.

By August 18, 2014


X-wing fighter bunk bed built for lucky young Jedi

The Force is strong with this one. An elaborate X-wing fighter bunk bed has its own R2-D2, light-up control panels, and flat-screen TV.

By March 4, 2013


Ladies, hire someone online to (just) sleep with you

A Japanese Web site offers a man to share a woman's bed (and no more) for a mere $364. The idea came from a TV series, in which a divorced woman has trouble sleeping alone.

By December 7, 2012


An all-in-one for winter

Bim Bam Banana TV Bed with retractable flatscreen

By November 9, 2006


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 goes horizontal in first ad

The Surface Pro 3 is a tablet that can transition from bed to office without skipping a beat -- that seems to be one of Microsoft's new messages.

By June 5, 2014


Etihad brings butlers and big-screen TVs to the skies

Etihad is upping the ante on sky-high technology in its A380s with the launch of a three-room cabin known as The Residence, complete with big screen TVs and a private butler.

By May 6, 2014