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Building circuits, code, community at Noisebridge hacker space

The Noisebridge hacker space offers sewing and Mandarin classes, soldering workshops, Internet-controlled front door access, and a server room with no door.

By November 30, 2009


Top ten funniest tech videos ever made

CNET UK has scanned aeons of audiovisual entertainment, discarded everything related to cats, Miley Cyrus and US healthcare, and found ten tech-related clips that genuinely made us LOL

By November 19, 2009


TV-B-Gone: Turning off TVs, opening up minds

TV-B-Gone is now open source, which may spark the creativity of aspiring engineers.

By November 4, 2008


Bloggers behaving badly: Gizmodo messes with CES flat screens

Gizmodo crew goes wild with TV-B-Gone at CES.

By January 10, 2008


Jamming TVs in Austin

Using an open-source kit called the TV-B-Gone, it's possible for anyone to build a device that they can use to turn off annoying televisions.

By October 18, 2007


At Last HOPE conference, everyone can hack it

Gathering in New York brings together the hacker community for sessions on hacking the usual (computer systems) and not so usual (the media, food, and sex).

By July 21, 2008


Team debuts electronic-hacking how-to videos at HOPE conference

Do-it-yourself hacker team creates video series to show people how to hack everyday electronics.

By July 18, 2008


Another remote to drive others crazy

A keychain remote can seize control surreptitiously.

By April 14, 2008


How to surreptitiously silence the loud talkers

The "T-1000 Cell Phone Jammer" does just that.

By April 11, 2008


Meshing with NY blog brethren, both real and fake

Love him or hate him, Gawker Media videographer and prankster Richard Blakeley knows how to get people to come out to a party.

By April 4, 2008